This plugin puts a login/registration form in your post and pages.

The user can create a read-more login form by putting a short-code in the middle of the article. The text will fade out in the bottom, indicating for the user that more text follows. To read the rest of the article, the user must log in. The remaining text will load into the page once the user has logged in.

Live demo

Main features


  • Read-more form with short-code
  • User can login inside articles, remaining text loads on the fly
  • Works with articles in pages and posts
  • Article with read-more short-code will fade text in bottom end
  • Google search engines can read without login

Membership handling

  • Registration in the read-more form
  • Registration page
  • Login/logout page
  • Profile page
  • Password recovery page
  • E-mail verification
  • E-mail notifications for registered users and admin

Admin features

  • Admin panels
  • Read-more page layout
  • Page linking
  • Login/logout redirect
  • E-mail customization
  • Registration status
  • Registration statistics