Latest stable – Version 2.0.1

The plugin can be downloaded from WordPress Plugin Directory:

Or it can be installed from within your WordPress site’s admin dashboard. Select plugin menu, add new. Search for “Read More Login”.

Next bugfix release – Version 2.0.2 RC1

This is a release candidate for the next bugfix release. It contains various bugfixes and improvements for 2.0.1.

This version is now being testing. It is not recommended for production environments. If no more critical issues are uncovered during the testing, this version will become the next stable release within short time.

If you install this version, please run some extra tests to ensure plugin runs stable. Report any bugs to Please also reported successful installation and testing, as this will give plugin author valuable information that plugin is running stable.

Follow these testing guidelines when testing.

Release notes:

  • Existing users are now auto-logged out when clicking a registration links, to prevent user from getting confusion by unexpected being logged in.
  • Fixed profile form not giving error message to user on wrong data input.
  • Fixed bug if e-mail was not sent, registration missed time-stamp and failed.
  • Fixed %title% variable for admin notification e-mail was not processed.
  • Fixed internationalization issue: Right-to-left texts not properly formatted.
  • Fixed missing support for some international characters. Plugin now handles any international languages.
  • Fixed page linking sometimes redirecting user to wrong page.
  • Improved error message to user when session becomes out-dated (Due to nonce becoming out-dated.)
  • Various security improvements.
  • Fixed typo in logged in message.

Custom/hot-fix editions

For some users a special edition and hot-fix has been built to resolve an immediate problem.

These editions have limited testing, and it is recommended to run extra tests to ensure it works as intended. Follow these testing guidelines.