Hotfix edition – Nairobi

Hotfix Edition Nairobi v1:



This hotfix is an fix to Read More Login version 2.0.1. It can fix various compatibility problem with other plugins and themes as described in this issue report:
Fading error

Installation instructions

  • Download the zip file above.
  • Deactivate and delete any existing Read More Login plugin from your WordPress installation.
  • Install the new htofix plugin as zip file. In admin dahsboard, select Add New plugin, Upload and select the zip file.
  • Activate the plugin.

Usage instruction

To use the hotfix, add an extra ending shortcode after the [rml_read_more] shortcode. End short codes are prefixed with slash in the short code name:


All content between start shortcode [rml_read_more] and the end shortcode [/rml_read_more] will be protected and hidden from non-logged in users. Once logged in, this content will load into page.

Any text after the end shortcode [/rml_read_more] will not be protected. This text will show for all users.

The end shortcode is optional. If not needed, it can be omitted.

Technical information

The compatibility issue due to other plugins or themes wrapped the content with extra <div> or other html elements.

The way Read More Login works is it cuts of remaining text after the start shortcode, including the end tags for the html elements wrapping the content. It was the cut of of these tags that messed up the page.

The hotfix only cut of the protected part between the start shortcode and end shortocde.

Future releases

The hotfix is planned to be implemented in Read More Login version 2.0.3.