Add login forms inside articles

Read more/Login/registration forms can be added to any pages and posts. The form inserted by adding the [rml_read_more] shortcode.

When writing a new arthicle, add a shortcode block. This can be found in the Add block drop-down menu. Select Shortcodes from the Widgets:

Select the Shortcode block and enter [rml_read_more] including the brackets into the shortcode input field:

After adding the shortcode continue writing the remaining and protected content:

Note: For best user experience, it is recommended to have some text above the login forms (above this shortcode). This text can be faded, which will indicate more text can be read after login. See Settings > Style for details.

Shortcode direct in text

You are not required to add separat blocks to put the shortcode in. The short code can also be added directly into text without a block:

This is the same way as adding shortcodes in the old classic WordPress editor. If adding shortcodes directly into text, please avoid placing the shortcode inside unclosed html tags. See Classic Editor for details.