Login inside articles

The plugin allows user to register and login within in an articles. To make the login and register form, insert a shortcode inside the articles.

When correctly configured the login form will look like this:

If the visitor already has an user account, and enters his correct username and password, the remaining arthritic will load instantaneously. Animation effects can be configured to load text in different ways.

To see this function alive, check out the live demo.

If user enter wrong username or password, or do not enter data into required fields, a error message in red will indicate what is wrong:

Configurable colors and texts

The form’s colors and texts can be changed from the plugin settings.

The headline “Read more” and the message field “You must log in to…” are fully configurable. You can also insert variables into these fields, that will change into context specific texts like headline of the article, site name etc.

The message field can be extended with html codes to adjust text to your exact need. However, there is only a limited set of html codes supported.

Text for labels, buttons and the password link can be changed to your language by using WordPress translations. It is also possible to make you own translations and in that way change texts to fit your exactly needs.

All colors on borders, background and buttons are configurable.