Version 2.0.2 released

This version is a bug-fix version for 2.0.1.

Release notes:

  • Existing users are now auto-logged out when clicking a registration links, to prevent user from getting confusion by unexpected being logged in.
  • Fixed profile form not giving error message to user on wrong data input.
  • Fixed bug if e-mail was not sent, registration missed time-stamp and failed.
  • Fixed %title% variable for admin notification e-mail was not processed.
  • Fixed internationalization issue: Right-to-left texts not properly formatted.
  • Fixed missing support for some international characters. Plugin now handles any international languages.
  • Fixed page linking sometimes redirecting user to wrong page.
  • Improved error message to user when session becomes out-dated (Due to nonce becoming out-dated.)
  • Various security improvements.
  • Fixed typo in logged in message.

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